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The town and excursions

The historic center of Alghero is dominated by circular defensive towers built in 1500 by the Aragonese strengthened so that the walls. The main entrance to the city was the Tower of Porta Terra, or Tower of the Portal, characterized by a projection quadrangular and transformed into an exhibition space on the customs of the city from its origins to the present day. Not far away is Torre de San Giovanni, transformed into an exhibition space, and then reaches up Sperone Tower, better known as Torre Sulis, with an impressive spiral staircase and with its 22 meters high, the highest.

Along the Ramparts Marco Polo are the octagonal tower of Sant Jaume, the only of its kind, where the outstanding elements of the Catalan niche and scale, the Powder Tower, built in the mid-1800s, and, on the opposite side, the Lantern Tower, or Garita Reial. Immediately following stands out the Tower of St. Elmo, or the tower of the Madonnina statue that dominates and, in short, is Torre Garibaldi, or Maddalena.

Other towers is scattered along the coast as Torre Negra, Tower Marina Tower and Bantine Sale.

Tour of the old town on horse-drawn carriages.

From march to october from 9:00 am to the night. The user can use an audio guide that illustrates the beauty of the old town.


It’s a touristic double-decker bus that will lead you to the discovery of the Alghero city and the suburbs. It start from the port to get up to Capo Caccia, with stops during which go down and visit the beautiful coves, archaeological objects and the wildlife oasis, to finally get to the Caves of Neptune.

Trenino Catalano.

To discover Alghero and its history on board of a characteristic touristic train, that will take you to discover the most beautiful areas of the old city. Along the streets you can admire towers, ramparts, squares and churches that characterize the history of Alghero.

Excursions by boat.

Multiple opportunities to make a fabulous boat trip or sailing boat trip to know some of the most beautiful bays of Alghero, reachable only by boat or on foot, to stop for snorkeling or just to swim in the crystal clear waters.

Riding Excursions.

A wonderful experience to explore the territory and its beauty. Surrounding pine forest of Porto Ferro, you’ll live in contact with nature and you’ll bring with you a special memory on this land.

Excursions over the Asinara National Park ( Marine protected area).

An exclusive day in contact with nature, with only the sound of wind, on four 12-13 mt sailing catamarans Twin Catamarans, Asinara Twin, Stella Marina and the luxurious Twin Blue,all with a flow rate of 12 persons plus the captain and assistant.

Thanks to the stability and comfort of the boats whoever can live in the most exclusive way the sail in the marine protected area, with the chance to snorkel and admire the beautiful seabed of the island.

The program of the trip will be determined from time to time by the Master according to weather conditions; the landing to the island could vary between Fornelli with a visit to Prison (in short excursions) and Cala Reale with visit to the archaeological museum, the royal residence and the Austro-Hungarian ossuary, otherwise to Cala d’Oliva with a visit to the ancient fishing village and to the old prison, the scheduled stops for swimming and snorkeling can be done in several coves.

The captain will be happy to offer you a cocktail on board and a plate of spaghetti (in the full day version), combine with freezing Vermentino di Sardegna.

Regional natural park of Porto Conte.

This region is characterized by a great variety of landscapes of high naturalistic interest both for the presence of different types of animals and for numerous species of plants.

Caves of Neptune.

Distance from the Hotel: 23 Km, starting from Strada SS 127 towards Capocaccia.

The sea cave, situated under the spectacular promontory of Capo Caccia is the largest natural attraction of the Alghero area and is visited every year by thousands of tourists attracted by its beauty and the breathtaking scenery.
Possible routes to reach the cave are two:

By sea:A motorboat departing daily from the Alghero port will take you to the discovery of the beautiful Caves of Neptune, full of stalactites and stalagmites, fruit of the millenary work of the water; inside you can also admire a fascinating small lake of Marmora and a small beach where monk seals, in the past, gave birth to their puppies. Along the beautiful Riviera del Corallo You’ll come directly to the entrance of the Cave.

By land: coming to Capo Caccia, there’s the Escala del Cabirol with its 656 steps, leading to the entrance of the cave.

The Nuraghe Palmavera.

Distance from the Hotel: 7 Km.

Located on the road linking the Gulf of Alghero with the Gulf of Porto Conte.
The nuraghi are the houses of prehistory, unique in Sardinia for their igloos shaped.
The Nuraghe Palmavera, dates from the Bronze age, is an interesting example of a complex Nuraghe with two towers and surrounded by an ancient village.
The Necropoli of Alghelu Ruju.

Distance from the Hotel: 10.

On the way to Porto Torres.
The necropolis of Angelo Ruju is an old cemetery with 38 hypogea, dating back to the late Neolithic period (3000 A.C.). The archaeological site, consists of aprehistoric complex of “Domus de Janas”, and  is one of the most important in Sardinia.
Wineries SELLA & MOSCA.

Distance from the Hotel: 8 Km
8 Km, on the way to Porto Torres.

The winery Sella & Mosca, founded in 1899, is nowadays leader in Sardinia. It owns one of the largest vineyards in Europe with an excellent repertoire of wines.
You can visit the wine industry with its vineyards, the museum and taste wines from Monday to Friday (in the summer also on Saturday) from 17.30 to 18.30.

Wineries Santa Maria la Palma.

Distance from the Hotel: 14 Km
Loc. Santa Maria La Palma – Alghero (SS)
In the vineyards of this prestigious company they are mainly cultivated varieties of the Sardinian tradition, such as the famous Cannonau and Vermentino.
You can take guided tasting from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18. On Saturdays only open in the morning. In the period from June to September, open  from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 20:00, in August open on Sundays from 9:00 to 13:00.