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Restaurant and night life

Are you thinking to the right place to enjoy the most of your holiday in Sardinia?

What do you think of Alghero, the tourist capital of the Riviera del Corallo?

The nightlife, especially in the summer, is an opportunity not to be missed!
Depending on the tastes of every tourist Alghero can offer a relaxing evening for those who need to relax and at the same time exciting and fun for anyone who wants to follow the frenetic nightlife dancing late into the night.
You can continue the evening choosing from a variety of restaurants set up in outdoor plazas. Alghero, famous for its culinary tradition, it is known as an important step to taste the specialties of the island and its delicious dishes such as the famous and pleasant Catalan lobster.

The atmosphere in the old town is truly unique: some people walking through the narrow streets of the old city, some relaxing on the walk and enjoying the view of the sea, some spending the last hours of the evening among the boutique still open looking for a nice gift for a holiday very memorable.

Along the waterfront, the stalls, the smell of incense and buskers make magical the night of Alghero, giving enthusiasm and life to those who love to have fun and enjoy company. Into the nightyoung people they find themselves in the various squares in the center to decide what will be the popular clubs for the night.

At dusk Alghero assumes a special atmosphere announced by the beautiful sunset over the gulfthe night landscape full of light and shadow keeps awake the city hosting, as a unique outdoor venue for the countless tourists who prefer to consume their drinks along the ramparts with the reflection of the moon and the sea breeze.

La Lepanto di Cecchini in the old town.

The restaurant is located in the central and very popular Piazza Sulis, in the main street of the old center, via Carlo Alberto.

 Fresh fish specialties and of course the great aragosta algherese (spiny lobsters) , with the special Catalan recipe created by Moreno Cecchini. The wines, the scents of the earth and the sea of ​​Sardinia will be the perfect setting.
For our guest they offer a special discount  on all menus.